The C.A.R.E. Society is a non-profit organization that performs enrichment studies, provides enrichment education, and raises funds for enrichment tools for animals in captivity.

Natural habitats are shrinking, and as these habitats shrink, the need for sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers increase. If these animals are destined to live their lives in captivity, they deserve the fundamental right to live in enclosures that simulate their natural habitat and allow them to express their natural behaviors.


We have performed enrichment studies and have implemented enrichment programs for raccoons at a wildlife rehabilitation center, sea birds at a rehabilitation center, chimpanzees at a Jane Goodall Chimpanzoo Project, and orphaned rhinos in South Africa. 


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If you are rehabilitation center, sanctuary, or animal shelter that would like a study performed on any of the following: 

  • the introduction of a new animal to an enclosure;

  • the introduction of new enrichment devices to an enclosure;

  • the use and effectiveness of existing enrichment;

  • animals displaying signs of distress. 

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